my first miniatureIt started with a gift i got from a dear old man from my neighbourhood, a small perfume bottle "Sir Irish Moos" made by Muelhens when i was ten years old. This bottle had it’s place next to some smurf figurines in a simple wooden showcase.
Later, when i was 15 years old, i often went to flea markets and discovered those nice little perfume bottles, which i took home. Bit by bit i got more mini perfume bottles which filled up a small showcase, so i had to buy a shelf especially for my new bottles. The old figurines had to give way to them.
At this time i tried to collect only particularly lovely mini perfume bottles, e.g. Salvador Dali. Having a collection of approximately 250 small bottles i bought a bigger showcase with a lot of room for additional hundreds of new miniatures. And they couldn’t get dusty as fast as the time before! But the more bottles i got, it became harder to know, which ones i already had. That’s why i purchased the books "Miniflacons International" Edition 1-4. I don’t want to miss these catalogues, because they contain photos and lists of thousands of miniatures!
Since that time i’m very often at flea markets, nearly every weekend because there i find new miniatures new to my collection, again and again. Furthermore i like to search at eBay very much to buy especially beautiful mini perfume bottles.
I collect perfume miniatures for men and women no matter with or without boxes and i started to collect solid perfumes, powder tins, parfume related jewelry like pins and necklaces and perfume cards a short time ago as you can see in my photo gallery. To index my collection of mini perfume bottles i use a database.
I’m still astonished how many different and often beautiful miniatures exist, and the number is increasing every year! Sometimes i have duplicate miniatures. If you are interested in swapping, please feel free to contact me (menu "contact").